My First post.

Well after sorting out the website to be a bit more presentable I've got the blog setup. Yes I know it's not flashy but personally I'm a beliver in keeping things simple. I have checked the layout on both my phone and tablet and they look ok, so thats a blessing.

In other news I have recently taken delivery of cages and nest boxes for my shed it will allow me to increase the amount of breeding pairs I can have breeding at any one time and should I need to seperate some of the birds I can do so. This takes me upto a total of six cages which for me will be more than enough because I only have a small shed and I'm not a firm beliver of breeding a massive amount as they have to live someplace and someone starting out like myself is going to struggle to find homes for them all. I have some moving around to do in the shed to make them all fit nicely in a place where I'm happy so once thats done I'll take a look through my birds and pick a few pairs to put down if they are ready. Well thats it for my first post I'll be sure to post again soon.

Take care,  Jon.